Homemade Dog Ear Cleaning Solution

homemade dog ear cleaning solution can be made from simple ingredients. Listerine, Witch hazel, and Grapefruit seed extract are a few examples. Other ingredients to consider include Calendula or Grapefruit seed extract. However, a vet’s advice is recommended before using any of these ingredients on your dog. Read on to learn more. But be sure to use these solutions only on dogs with healthy ears. If you find your dog has an ear infection, see your veterinarian. The vet can prescribe medications for your dog.

Homemade Dog Ear Cleaning Solution


When you use Listerine to clean your dog’s ears, be sure to keep the liquid away from your dog’s ears and skin. It may dry out the ear and frighten your dog, and the hydrogen peroxide bubbles can make your dog nervous. Listerine may not reach the bacteria that cause the infection. It does not act as an anti-inflammatory drug. Medications such as antibiotics are often used to treat ear infections in dogs.

You can also try hydrogen peroxide or apple cider vinegar for your dog’s ears. Hydrogen peroxide is a helpful ear cleaning solution that bubbles dirt out of the canal. While it does cause your dog to shake his head, hydrogen peroxide is safe to use on dogs. Just pour a small amount into the ear syringe and clean your dog’s ears. After the cleaning, be sure to treat your dog.

Witch hazel

If you want to make your own homemade dog ear cleaning solution, witch hazel is a great choice. Witch hazel dries quickly and is an excellent cleanser. It removes ear grease and oil without leaving moisture behind. If your dog is prone to yeast infections, witch hazel and aloe are a great choice. Simply apply the mixture to the dog’s ears and gently massage.

The ear canal is a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. Cleaning it regularly with witch hazel will prevent infections and promote healthy ear wax. You can also use witch hazel with lavender oil to make a homemade dog ear cleaning solution. It can be stored in a plastic hair color applicator bottle. Your dog will thank you for it. However, you need to be sure that witch hazel is 100% natural.

Grapefruit seed extract

Grapefruit seed extract is a natural antibiotic that is safe to use on pets. Its ability to destroy cell membranes of bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses makes it a valuable natural remedy for dog ear cleaning. Not only does it kill bad bacteria, it also improves the immune system. It is safe to use on dogs in any dose, and is very effective for a wide range of dog health problems.

A mixture of grapefruit seed extract and aloe vera gel has many benefits. The antibacterial properties of grapefruit seed extract can effectively treat ear infections in your canine companion. If you aren’t comfortable cleaning your dog’s ears, you can also mix it with pure aloe vera gel and apply it topically. However, you should dilute it first. The oil of oregano is another natural antibiotic that you can add to the solution. If your dog is stubborn and won’t clean its own ears, you may need to help him.


Many veterinarians recommend a natural remedy that contains calendula for dogs’ ears. While there is no scientific evidence to support its effectiveness, it is a safe antifungal and antibacterial plant. It can be combined with chamomile, a valuable herb for digestion. For best results, combine one teaspoon of calendula per 20 pounds of dog’s body weight daily. Alternatively, you can prepare a simple, homemade solution by using a few teaspoons of calendula per 20 pounds of your dog’s weight.

For an effective homemade dog ear cleaning solution, combine a tablespoon of pure water with ten drops of calendula oil. Wipe the mixture outward from the dog’s ear flap or ear canal, and never re-dip the cotton pad into the solution. Allow the solution to dry for at least 10 minutes before wiping your dog’s ears. Repeat the process two or three times per week.

Witch hazel is non-toxic to dogs

One of the most effective homemade dog ear cleaning solutions is made with witch hazel. This non-toxic ingredient works as an astringent to clean the ears and skin. It also is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and germicidal. This natural cleanser also promotes a healthy blood flow to the ears. Witch hazel can also be mixed with aloe vera juice and lavender essential oil to give your pup fresh, clean, and healthy ears. The mixture can be kept in a hair color applicator bottle, which is easy to access and store.

If you do not want to use tea tree oil, you can try a solution made of vinegar and water. This solution is non-toxic to dogs, and can be applied to your dog’s ears with a cotton ball. It should be applied to the ear flap with care. Once the solution has dried, wipe off any excess debris with a clean cotton ball.

Witch hazel kills ear mites

One simple home remedy for dog ear mites is using witch hazel to clean your pup’s ears. This substance flushes dirt and dead mites from the dog’s ear and dries quickly. Another popular remedy is tea tree oil, which has antifungal and tick-repelling properties. Adding a few drops of this oil to your dog’s bath water can also help.

The problem with tea tree oil is that it can be toxic to dogs, but some proponents say that diluted tea tree oil is safe for dogs. Witch hazel is also an effective natural cleanser and helps remove grease and oil from the ear without leaving any excess moisture behind. It’s not an effective solution for fleas and ticks, but it will help your dog’s ears stay healthy for longer.